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If you’re one of the 1.3 Million who’ve lost their Emergency Unemployment, here’s your chance to follow your dreams!

After reading a post that said, “Nobody Owes You A Job” it made me wonder, what if they’re right? What’ll happen if the bottom fell out of the job market, and, if we couldn’t relocate to a 3rd world country (or even a cheaper U.S. State) where would it leave us? This is supposed to be the greatest country on earth, yet, we’ve lost our job security and the prosperity that once made us the utopia our forefathers envisioned.

It may be time to use the technology before us to create our own path and to no longer be dependent upon [Corporate Welfare], paying workers a pittance while CEOs make Millions off the labor of their peons!

I want to inspire you to find your creative vision!

There are some great “free” websites to launch a product, service or ideal. I recommend Wix.com website for its ease of use. WordPress [this website] also allows you to create free blogs.

I created this website to create a Mass Media Message to those effected by this economic downturn. Tweet trend: #something4something is just that – offering something to the public to promote your ideal, help raise money for a business, raise awareness for a cause, start a non-profit, etc.

Be honest.
Tell people what [might] happen if you don’t do something new. say, within the next 90-days and why you need their support.

Ask for minimum $5. contribution, but no more than $10 on your webpage
Explain what you will use the money for.
Ask that they “promote” pass on and re-tweet your ideal to raise $$

Back in the day…There once was an e-mail that went around asking for $5. Come to find out, more than 10,000 people contributed $5. raising more than $50K.
While I don’t know “What” they did with the $$ my point is, they had total strangers contribute to their cause.

Why again you ask?
Instead of a handout, I believe people should give people something for something so people can make a difference in their lives… $5 at a time!

Message to the “Working” Public:
If you’re well off,
Have a good job,
Are not struggling,
Able to feed your family
Able to pay your bills
And, consider yourself blessed,
Then, spend $20/month –
by contributing to four [4] different “Ideals”

People who use the hashtag #something4something on their Webpage will need your support. Be sure to offer your comments below and include your [NEW] Webpage in the comments – I will promote your Webpage!

Who knows, you might inspire someone, or, discover your passion & your dreams!
God Bless!

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