Rich vs. Poor

Rich people will never define “Your” purpose in life – Common People will!

Despite many arguments from both the left and the right about Fiscal Budgets, Economic Responsibility and Gov’t Waste, one thing is certain, Rich folk have absolutely no sympathy for the plight of the Poor.

When asking people to “donate” to a cause, those with limited means are more apt to sympathize with your plight or the “cause” and thus, are more willing to contribute, while those who are well-off, or have the financial means to make a difference, are unmoved by the request; therefore, aren’t compelled to contribute.

For example, my family and I were experiencing a financial short-fall for my son’s college tuition, as he couldn’t attend the Winter semester without securing a payment in advance.  Knowing that I had the means to make money in the future, the funds were needed “now”

I went through my database of tax clients figuring, those who made more than $50,000/year would be in a better financial position to “advance” me $50, along with the offer that I would deduct $50 from their income tax preparation fee.

It turns out that those who earned “more” money didn’t care, while those who made less than $50K were more than willing to help out.

The excuses ranged from, how they didn’t have it, or, how they were “short” themselves when those who were poorer with lesser incomes were even more willing to sympathize with us to advance me the money.  The sad part is, those who are well-off, have so much “more” to give!

Well America, this is where [we] are right now.  People who’ve never experienced a layoff or job loss since 9/11 know No financial suffering, therefore are quick to blame those less fortunate for their own plight, when nothing could be further from the truth.  And I’m sure if the situation were reversed, they would want someone to help them in their time of need.

Of course we all would like to be rich, or comfortable to the point where we are finally in a position to never worry about money, finances or how we’re going to send our kids to college.  Now, I can accept and understand that we [all] can’t be rich, many of us just want to be satisfied with “living” instead of just “surviving” but these days, struggle and survival seem to be the norm – and this has to change!

I saw this quote online and I want to share it with you:

If you’re at a door, and it won’t open –
Stop banging on it –
God has a different direction for You!

How deep is that?  He never closes a door, without opening a window!  And, if it weren’t for my being unemployed, I wouldn’t have tried other ways to make money (just in case) things didn’t work out, like starting my income tax biz, freelance writing, etc.

I also got tired of depending on a job so I listened to my heart, trusted my instincts, and took matters into my own hands.  And this is why I’ve setup this blog, to inspire those who are unemployed to find their inner voice. (Answer Qs in a poll below).

Its been two-years after OWS-Occupy Wall Street movement, and those on Wall Street are not moved by those less fortunate souls who’ve lost houses due to foreclosure, or, sell debt after writing off the debt with tax benefits, only for consumers to be hounded by the new creditor!

2014 will be the year that you take matters into your own hands and start that business, turn that hobby into a money-making venture, find angel investors for your idea or intellectual property.

At the end of the day, we are all connected, even if we choose not to believe it

Are we really afraid that, if we help someone else, they [might] achieve more?
Are we really that petty that, we envy other’s who may become successful as a result?
If so, let it GO!

You will be blocking your own karma from flowing towards you. Be Good, and Do Good. You will be rewarded in places of your life that you never dreamed.

We are bigger than this world, than the material realm.  As soon as you disconnect from the material, you will feel a great burden lift.

We can see our own futures, but we are afraid of it, let go of doubt and move forward!

Here’s a tool to help you get there

Let life reconnect us to oneness – $5 at a time.
Register with a comment on main page #Something4Something

I will encourage others to support your ideal!
God Bless!

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