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Hard Times Creates Humility

I’ve tried many different things… some successful, other’s not so much!

But, I haven’t given up hope.  I still have the capacity to believe in humanity, that, if you’re honest with people, they will at least respect that – even if they say NO!

I was taught that Honesty is always the Best Policy, yet, as you can see from the Internet, not everyone is as forthcoming as one would like.

If a person could measure Internet Deception in dollars, you would find good-natured people parting with their life savings!

The irony is, Nobody… And I mean Nobody gives you something for nothing. Hence, the title of my Blog!

I’d rather offer people something that they “know” they can use, than to try to scam them with promises of wealth, bull-crap surveys to make money but you give up an over-whelming amount of personal information AND time, only to be “solicited” for something you didn’t sign up for.

At least I’m offering you a choice!

If you can use my product and/or service, then take advantage of what you can use, even if not for you, pass on that information to someone else who can benefit from the information I’m offering.

I get job texts and emails because I’m on every imaginable job board out there, and if the job isn’t specifically targeted to my background, I pass that information onto others who I believe will benefit from that information.

I believe, that, what you put out to the Universe will be returned to you!  So, if you’ve fallen upon hard times and have humbled yourself, you’ve taken the first step in offering your humility to the universe to gain some perspective and insight in return.

I’ve written resumes for some down-on-their-luck people because they couldn’t afford to pay me $50 for a professional one, and, once they’ve gotten a job, they’ve sent me $20 just to say Thank You.  That gratitude and honesty paid off.

Now, I don’t expect anything from anyone, but, I am willing to barter with my skills to help others who are in need.

You can send me an e-mail to if you need Resume Help, since today’s marketplace requires a “focused” resume, I’ve often written two resumes so people will have other options besides one resume with two careers.

In the meantime, summer is back — and so are the Bed-Bugs!

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DIY-Do IT Yourself!
May the Universe Bless You and Keep You from Harm’s Way!